Sileo-For Dogs with a Fear of Noises

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

To Our Valued Clients and their Beloved Dogs, 

We have all experienced a pet who has a fear of storms, fireworks, or some other loud noise, this is described as Noise Aversion. Some of the most common noise aversion behaviors include:

• Pacing or restlessness

• Lip licking

• Trembling or shaking

• Panting

• Excessive vigilance or hyper-vigilance

• Cowering

• Hiding

• Brow furrowed or ears back

• Owner seeking behavior or abnormal clinginess

• Yawning

• Vocalizing (whining or barking at the sounds)

• Refuses to eat

• Freezing or immobility

We all hate to see our pets in such distress so we are writing to you today to let you know about a new treatment we are very excited about.

SILEO /si-lehh-o/

Easy and Practical Relief for Your Pets

-Calming without sedating, allowing for normal dog-owner interactions

-Easy to administer at home, when needed

-Works on its own without any other treatments or training

-Quick onset of action

-Supports early intervention for optimal effect on the quality of life of the dogs.

-Proven to be safe and effective

-An easy treatment for a challenging condition 

Contact us today to discuss Sileo!

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