Quality veterinary care for your pets has been our mission for over 50 years. Dr. Elizabeth Routson, Dr. Nicholas Naszradi, and Dr. Suzanne Ford are proud to carry on this tradition.

Parkway Veterinary Clinic was founded by Dr. Wes Lichfeldt in 1949. The practice served both large and small animals and was surrounded by fields and open space. Over the years, Dr. McClumpha became the veterinarian and gradually the practice grew to serve the small animal population. Eventually, Dr. McClumpha was joined by Dr. Kirchgatter.  Dr. Bares became a partner in 1975, as the practice continued to grow. Dr. Routson joined the practice in 1990. In 2019, Dr. Nicholas Naszradi and Dr. Suzanne Ford joined our team. Dr. Routson grew up in the Plymouth/Canton community, and Dr. Naszradi grew up in surrounding communities. Our veterinarians have all remained committed to serving this area which has served us so well throughout our early years. 

We are dedicated to remaining an integral part of this community for years to come. The entire Parkway staff is dedicated to providing the best possible care for you and your pets. We strive to practice high quality medicine. We appreciate your faith in allowing us to partner with you in caring for your pets.

Dr. David Rogers

Dr. Rogers is a native Michigander, having grown up in Northville just down the road from Parkway. He attended Northville schools before heading to Michigan State. Dr. Rogers has always had a love for animals and the outdoors, and combined those passions to earn a Bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology in management. He then went on to Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in the spring of 2020. He is eager to join the veterinary profession and couldn’t have found a better practice than Parkway to start his career at.

In his free time, Dr. Rogers enjoys spending time with his wife and two cats (Hazel and Cora), being outdoors, golfing, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Routson, Medical Director

I have been interested in caring for animals from my earliest memories. When I moved to Plymouth two days before the beginning of 5th grade, I made life plans of operating a horse farm with my good friend and classmate at Bird School. She would ride the horses, and I would care for them. At that time, I thought caring for the horses involved feeding, cleaning and brushing them.

As I grew up, I maintained my fascination with animals, and loved visiting homes with pets. My mother was allergic to anything with feathers and fur, so enjoying other families' pets was the best I could do.

In school, I loved math and science and literature, a strange combination, I know. Puzzles of most types fascinated me greatly.

My father wanted to know my career goals before I applied to college, and I read college catalogues cover-to-cover so that I could choose wisely. I was the oldest of four children, and was expected to be responsible in my choice, not a bad thing, I might add.

Veterinary medicine seemed to be the best way to combine my love of problem solving, science (especially biology), animals, and interaction with people. I am pleased to report that my choice has been a wise one for me as I cannot imagine doing anything else as passionately as this.

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977 and began work in a small animal practice in Grand Rapids. This was a great learning experience and I really learned to appreciate the Plymouth community that I had grown up in. After nine months, I returned home, and began working at a large practice located in Detroit. This practice consisted of a large central hospital with a 24 hour emergency service and several smaller satellite clinics. I loved the mix of emergency work with general practice and benefited greatly from the ability to follow cases as they recovered from the initial emergency and became healthy, happy patients once again.

In 1990, I returned to Parkway Veterinary Clinic in Plymouth. This was where I first worked as kennel help before vet school. My long-standing mentors have been Dr. Clif McClumpha and Dr. Richard Kirchgatter. I feel fortunate to have been first exposed to veterinary medicine by these two caring and wonderful veterinarians.

Currently my life centers around my faith, family and career. I have two children currently in college, and a dog, a cat, and a very patient husband. In my "spare time", I enjoy reading and nearly anything to do with textiles. This includes weaving, spinning, sewing, needlework and quilting.

My second family consists of the staff and clients of Parkway Veterinary Clinic, and I feel very privileged to be invited by clients to help them provide the best care they can for each of their beloved pets.

My current plans are to remain at Parkway Veterinary Clinic as long as I can practice, which, God willing, will be for many years to come.

Dr. Nick Naszradi

Dr. Naszradi spent his childhood years in Canton, where he met his wife in 6th grade band class at East Middle School. Next he earned his degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan. Then he followed his love of animals and graduated from the Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. Now he is excited to come join the Parkway Veterinary Clinic team.
Dr. Naszradi enjoys hiking, family, spending time with animals, and a good laugh. His family includes his wife, Kristen, their human babies, Emma, Ben, Katherine and Goldendoodle, Doc. 

Dr. Suzanne Ford

I was born and raised in South Carolina. From an early age I knew that I loved animals. I graduated from Clemson University (go Tigers!) with my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. My next stop was Stillwater, Oklahoma. I graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 (go Cowboys!) Since then I have been practicing in North Carolina, most recently for 5 years in Salisbury, a small town near Charlotte. I am very happy to be joining the Parkway Veterinary Clinic team.


I enjoy spending time with my fiance Alex, traveling, board games, reading, and hiking. I love Harry Potter and my all-time favorite animal is the Giant Panda.


My pets include Callie (cat), Andromeda (guinea pig), and Turtle (red-eared slider).

Pam, Practice Manager

I have been with Parkway Veterinary since 1992. I have 3 dogs.  Two Springer Spaniels, and one Springer mix that was rescued out of Detroit by Guardian Angel Animal Rescue and ESRA. (English Springer Rescue America)  He was near death with parasites, and had heartworm disease.  In fact, he had to undergo the heartworm treatment twice.  I would not wish that on any dog, so please use year-round prevention.  I have a cat who can get a little sassy and thinks he is the boss of the dogs. I also have 4 rescue gold fish that I could talk about for hours.  Early 2016 I added a horse to my family.  He has become the center of my life. He came to me with the name Tommy already so I kept it as he comes to me when I call him.  I could not imagine life without him in our family.  I spend and enjoy a lot of time with my pets. 

I have a 1970 Vintage Forester camper named the “Tacky Shack” that I vacation in most summer weekends.  I have it parked at my sister’s home in West Branch.


Other things that I enjoy doing are Trail Riding, Reading, Gardening, and yes, I do love to watch TV. 

Debbie, Receptionist

Hi, I'm Debbie. I've worked at Parkway Veterinary Clinic since 1999. I've worked in the boarding kennel and as a veterinary assistant. My favorite position is my current position of Client Care. (Big Smile) It combines my love of animals and people. I love talking to you about your pets. I can be of help if you have a question or a problem.

Equally important to me, is being comforting and understanding during sad times for you and the pet you love. I know that people who love animals are good people to know!!

On the personal side, (you had to ask!) I lost my beloved Norwegian Elkhound, Queta, in December 2006. She was with me for almost 15 years. I still miss her. I have 5 cats, all of which I adopted as strays from Parkway. Two of them were just days old when I took them in to feed and raise -- I couldn't part with them after that!! (Call me a sucker!)

I also like drawing and painting people. I'm working/learning how to do portraits and have taken and will take more art classes at schoolcraft College. I love antiques (shopping & buying) especially the Victorian era. I like traveling by car or motorcycle and stopping at out of the way places -- just because. I like crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. I like doing aerobics to rock n' roll music and last but not least, I love hockey. Go Red Wings! I hope to see you soon! Come in and say Hi!

Cassidy, Receptionist

I have been an animal lover my entire life. I helped my mom with her Rabbit Rescue and volunteered at many shelters and rescues. I have had every kind of small animal you could imagine. Rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, fish, ferrets, I even had a Degu! My family didn't get our first dog until I was almost 13 years old. When I finally got a dog I knew that's what my passion was.

Time went by and I moved out on my own. I finally got my very own dog. Her name is Harley-Quinn. She was a stray that came from a small town in Ohio. She came to me unspayed and had ringworm. She was only about a year old. She's a Jack Russell/Miniature Pinscher/Terrier mix. She has had some health issues along the way, but she is so worth it! 

As I got older the more I wanted to work with animals as a career. I wanted to help them. I got my job at Parkway one year ago and it has been the best year of my life. I love meeting new pets and new people everyday. I love helping them even in the smallest way. Every pet is special to me.  I hope one day to go into Pet Nutrition! 

Stacey, LVT

I was born and raised in Canton, MI.  I graduated from John Glenn High School.  My first job after I graduated was at a Veterinary Clinic.  I started out as a receptionist then attended Wayne County Community College and enrolled in the Vet Tech program.  I have been in the Veterinary field from that point on.  I knew from a young age I wanted to work with animals, and have never considered another career path.  I am lucky to have found my passion so early in life.  In my spare time I really enjoy spending time with my 2 kids and 3 cats, Jersey, Mickey, and Whimsey who are all way to spoiled!

Alison, LVT

Hi, my name is Alison and I have been a Licensed Veterinary Technician since 2016 and at Parkway since 2017. I received my license from Wayne County Community College. At home, I have three of the coolest cats, Eggroll, a pirate kitty (three-legged) named Darkness, and an adorable little troublemaker named Bagheera. I've always been fond of having animals in my life, and being able to spend my days with them makes this career really rewarding. One of my favorite parts of my job is doing dentals, I love scraping years of crud off of your pet's teeth. If I'm not at work, you can catch me hanging with my kitties, exploring the Renaissance Festival, or curled up with Darkness on my lap, reading a good book.

Matt, Veterinary Assistant

My name is Matt and I have been here since 2016. I am an Approved Veterinary Assistant, and I received my education at Ross Medical. In the future, I would love to go back to school and graduate as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I have always had a passion for animals, and I can see myself doing this as a career for the rest of my life. In my spare time, you can catch me hanging with my sassy Siberian Husky, Rocky, or out hiking, swimming, biking or any number of things in Michigan's great outdoors. 

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