Well Pet Plans are designed to be easy, convenient and affordable for you, and to provide the care your Pet needs.

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Our goal: give Pet owners the ability to provide the best Veterinary care to their Pets

Our plans are completely based on preventive care for your Pet, which is a vital component to their long term health care needs. With prevention being in the forefront of our plans, we help your Veterinarian to better understand your Pets regular health care needs. Because your Veterinarian understands your Pet's regular health baseline, it makes it much easier for them to detect a problem before conditions worsen. Early diagnosis can also result in a better prognosis.

Well Pet Plans provide Value.

Our plans provide value through many different avenues

•Multiple Free Office Visits/Exams are included with our plans
•Discounts of up to 50% on your Veterinarian's services
•Provided discounts on other services, not included in your Prevent Plan, to help you better provide much needed care for your Pet
•Our plans allow you to pay for your Pet's preventive care, not only at a very reduced rate, but spread it over 12 months, all with no interest!

Well Pet Plans are a collection of pre-paid discounted healthcare services for your pet. Well Pet Plans are not insurance – they offer much more! By focusing on preventive services, a Well Pet Plan can keep your pet healthy.
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